Neural Lab

The Problem

How Ops Assist uses AI to cut costs of mishandled transfer bags and boost airport productivity with the same capacity?

Airport operations experiencing manpower and equipment shortages which results in the increased number of mishandled baggage, flight delays, and operational disruptions, compromising passenger experience and operational productivity.

Solution Brief:

Ops Assist implements AI in a major airport hub to increase successful baggage transfers, optimising decision-making and ensuring high-priority bags reach their destinations

Ops Assist offered a dashboard for effective planning to meet peak demands with available resources. Using knowledge capture technology, the AI model was trained based on decision-making patterns of experienced controllers


identify high-priority flights, ensuring immediate attention to vital baggage and reduced transit times

Simplify complex scenarios by providing AI-generated recommendations,  making consistent and informed decisions in a wide range of operations

Forecast the success probability and impact of flights, eliminating guesswork and preventing misconnected bags


One-Page AI Boost: Elevating Airport Efficiency

  • Dashboard for peak demand planning
  • AI identifies high-priority flights, reducing baggage transit time
  • AI-generated recommendations for complex scenarios
  • Flight success forecasting minimizes disruptions and misconnected bags