Neural Lab

Automated Content Personalisation

Empowering Premier News Portal in Singapore. Recommai revolutionized reading experiences with seamless, personalized content for all readers, including anonymous ones

The Problem

The digital content platform aimed to increase page clicks and their value while addressing high exit rates and manual personalization challenges. Limited web page differentiation and personalized content posed obstacles in delivering relevant and tailored recommendations to readers despite manual curation effort

Solution Brief:

Data-Driven Dynamic Personalisation: Our solution leverages continuous analysis of readers’ behavioral data to dynamically place web content and automate the curation of personalized recommendations. A/B testing enables us to identify, evaluate, and enhance content personalization strategies, ensuring an optimized reader experience.

Attained Outcomes

This resulted in higher reader retention, CTR, lower bounce and exit rates and increased ad revenue through reader insights.

Other Use Cases

Product Recommendation

Empowered an Australian referral app with automated, precisely-tailored product recommendations through our engine that created, selected, and evaluated effective strategies for customized suggestions.