Neural Lab

Case Study

AI for aviation


Our client is a fast-growing aviation company in Macau.


Ground operation delays potentially cost airlines and ground handlers millions of dollars in penalty every year.

As air traffic volume increased 38% at Macau within one year, it was vital for every component of the airport operations to work with agility and efficiency to respond to dynamic and unforeseen changes.

Value Proposition

  • Gain agility and efficiency against dynamic ground control challenges and minimized delays that cost airlines and handlers millions annually.
  • Transform management of flight turnaround to improve operational transparency and allow managers and supervisors to make informed decisions faster.
  • Ground control center gains full visibility of the airport operations timely and can support the growth in demand with less than 10% increase in frontline staff and no increase in control center staff.
  • Post mortem incident investigation halved from 10 MD.


Ground Ops Assist is a product built on our proprietary Auto-ML Platform, developed to track and reduce aircraft turnaround delays. So far Ground Ops Assist has processed 146,000+ flights, continuously learning in the process.

  • Phase 1: Mobile solution to capture flights and various operational metrics in digital format.
  • Phase 2 POC: Use Decision Assist that predicts the on-time performance of operations in real-time and trigger alerts when appropriate.