Neural Lab

Case study:

AI for IT


Our partner is an Australian multi-vendor software and hardware solutions partner who helps clients across Australia and neighboring countries to implement innovative IT solutions.


Our partner wanted to broaden their offerings with AI but were confronted with an AI talents gap in Australia, high risk in premature scaling and a heavy upfront investment if they would develop ML models in-house.

Due to the lack of machine learning skills, they were unable to deliver more complex AI projects timely and further grow their business.

Value Proposition

Our partner was empowered to:

  • Boost engineers’ productivity and increase revenue and margin.
  • Expand their offerings and scalability to help their clients stay ahead of the competition.
  • Advance their ability to take on more complex AI projects.
  • Enjoy strong support and expertise from our technical and business teams to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Deploy through SaaS or on-premise & simple Json API integration with their systems.


Machine learning experts: Advanced machine learning capacity and skillset by leveraging our experienced data scientists.

AI modelling solution: Accelerated creation of machine learning models for industry-specific use cases with our Auto-ML platform.