Neural Lab

Machine Learning Assistant Engineer


We are looking for a machine learning engineer who is passionate in pursuing a machine learning and artificial intelligence career. You have extraordinary attention to detail and can detect patterns in an expanding portfolio of datasets. You will be responsible and majorly involved in working for the proposed research work in our platform. If you are obsessed with learning about statistical and machine learning models and also the implementation of scalable backend solution, this is the opportunity for you. As a machine learning engineer, you will also analyse information, generate model and solve problems for our clients.

  • Setup and process literature work for ongoing research work dedicated to AI frameworks
  • Identify key findings of a specific problem statement of client challenge and assist the product development team in ongoing research
  • Articulate the findings to project teams of typically 3 – 5 which include business analysts, data analysts and tech leads
  • Work closely and communicate with business development team to breakdown a problem statement / client challenge, explore technical use cases and assess technical feasibility of a solution
  • Visualise the research, findings and solution architecture with diagrams
  • Process data and analyse trends using statistical techniques to generate actionable insights
  • Create ML-friendly dataset(s) for supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning, framework of research work especially in Neural architecture search and feature extraction
  • Manage data warehouse to optimise the scalability and performance of the proposed research work, during model training and testing
  • Apply data analysis, modelling, machine learning, to design and develop real time algorithmic prediction models
  • Identify innovative ways to improve the accuracy and efficiency of ML algorithms
  • Preferred experience in deploying models onto cloud systems (e.g: AWS. Azure, etc)
  • Preferred experience in creating API endpoints, Docker and Kubernetes, etc


  • Bachelors/Masters in Data Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics or a related discipline
  • Technical expertise regarding machine learning models, statistical techniques, back-end engineering, data models, database design development and data mining
  • Some experience as a research analyst, business data analyst or equivalent field
  • Preferred experience in data technology (e.g. NoSQL, Tensorflow,Transformers, Mongodb etc)
  • Preferred AWS experience
  • Proficient in Python, SQL and backend engineering
  • Proven analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to communicate professionally, illustrate findings and compile presentation decks
  • Strong passion in Startup environment
  • Have a GitHub or a Kaggle profile


  • You will get lots of exposure and accelerate your learning
  • Meritocracy-based culture, unlike traditional companies, we value truth and honest opinions with merit
  • We value 1+1 = 3, diverse creativity and learning agility
  • Startup culture with flexible working hours and work locations.
  • As long as you perform and your works demonstrate value, you will be rewarded
  • You will be working in a cross-cultural team
  • Help shape a fun and dynamic work environment