Neural Lab

How it works

Our Automated Machine Learning Platform (Auto-ML) empowers our clients to solve complex business problems. Auto-ML has the capability to continuously provide you with better output and predictions. Moreover, we offer optimal integration with your systems and can develop tailor-made models to cater to your needs. As our platform can be applied to various use cases across industries, it enables anyone to generate maximum value from their data.

Auto Machine Learning

Adaptable to multi-input and multi-output, flexible architecture that auto generates and optimizes deep neural network models

Optimise model architecture automatically to achieve best performing model

End to End Machine Learning Platform

Accelerates the process to get production-ready ML models

Train models to take in relevant inputs(data) and further investigate
the model training with appropriate visualization and can also be further trained for better consistency

It can be configured for on-premises deployment

Smooth UX and Intuitive UI

The smooth UX and intuitive UI makes Auto-ML an easy-to-adopt tool which is user-friendly to a wide range of target in terms of technical skills – ranging from less tech-savvy people to data scientists.

Upload schema and data
Generate all possible ML models
Choose the best performing model
Predict the results using the best model

Six types of prediction models


Determine the strength and character of the relationship between one dependent variable and a series of other variables. The output is a quantifiable value.


Predict the result through systematic grouping of observations into categories. E.g., Risk Classification, Text Classification, Intent Recognition.